How do you wear Flares?

The popularity of 70s Bohemian fashion doesn’t look like it’s going to slow moving into the autumn. If you love flares, fringe and way out patterns, this is your moment.

Love them or hate them, a staple of the 70s wardrobe are of course, flares. Some people struggle to find the right pair, as they are definitely less forgiving than other jean cuts. You can’t just roll them up as you would a pair of slightly-too-long skinnies. Flares can be worn by anyone - the leg lengthening illusion is universally flattering. The key to wearing them well is to buy the right fit as having them drag on the floor not only frays the hem; it also ruins the illusion, making you look shorter instead. To check your flares fit, just remember these two things.
  • The length should be covering your shoe but not touching the floor.
  • They should be slim fitting through the hips and down to the knee, where they flare out.
Flares give the leg a lovely lengthy look that taller ladies will pull off with ease. And don’t worry petite girls; you can still work the bell-bottom by going for a high-waisted number. Once you get the fit right, you’ll find them just as versatile as any other jean. Pair them with your favourite top, or if you’re looking to channel some peace & love, try them with one of our gypsy tops. Your big decision is what shoes to wear. If you want to keep it 70s, go for your best platforms. If you remember the resurgence of flares in the 90s, and want to re-live that, try them with some white sneakers.

Pop into our stores in Nottingham, Leamington or Birmingham to try our selection of flares. Our friendly staff can help you find your perfect pair.

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