90s Festival Vibes

Our Go-To look this season is a 90’s classic – A patterned shirt with a pair of Levis and some tinted shades. Throw these key pieces together and you’re well on your way to effortless summer style.

Metallic textures were a big deal in the days of Britpop – A subtle way to sneak something shiny into your wardrobe is with a pair mirrored sunglasses...

Colour is everything when it comes embracing the 1990s – Striking shades can be your best friend so never be scared to go all the way. Who remembers Cher’s yellow tartan ensemble in Clueless? Make your own statement!

If you still feel like you’re missing something from your look, you can always add more jewellery. Chokers and tribal necklaces are making a comeback and we think they work with just about everything…

Picking and mixing your influences is all part of the fun with this trend. Whether you’re into Britney’s bubblegum pastels, or Courtney Love’s edgy grunge look, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with.

With ‘anything goes’ fashion like this, you really can’t go wrong, so embrace your individuality and try something totally different.

Load up your playlist with some No Doubt, throw on a bit of glitter and you’ll be set for summer!

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